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Tips For Finding The Right Ad

Placing an ad on a property / vehicle is a great way to have your business seen by a large audience of people at cost effective and competitive rate.

Through this website you can advertise on a range of property types and locations. Some examples are:

– A shop or home owner who can display your sign outside of their property
– Someone that drives to and from work in peak hour traffic
– A race car driver that races every weekend in front of thousands of people
– A transport company with a large fleet of trucks
– And more

there are a couple suggestions that we will like to share which we feel can help you find a good match.

Search Via Location: Using the location menu allows you to search Ads via area

Refine your Results: Once you have searched via area you can refine your results by selecting the check boxes on the right hand menu

Search via keyword: All the content in the Ads are searchable, this is great for pin pointing specific results. As an example there could be a local race event where you will like to have some business exposure. By searching via the event name you can find drivers who have listed that event.

– Search Via Tags: In the Ad listing and right hand menu there are clickable keyword Tags, clicking on these will bring up all the Ads with the same tag. As an example, you could have came across an Ad with a “2 weeks FREE” tag, and by clicking on this you could quickly view other Ads with the same tag.

How can I trust the driver to uphold their end of the deal and how do I pay them?

We suggest strong communications with the driver before committing to a deal. Make the terms and expectations clear with the driver and organize a way for them to prove their offerings. A suggestion we have is to ask them to take pictures daily, weekly or which every you feel is suitable that can prove the sign is still placed where specified.

In regards to payments, there are many options, such as bank transfer & PayPal, we will to suggest making payments in intervals and not in lump sums. In the end the deal will have to be between yourself and the advertiser as we are only offering a meeting place.