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Ad Posting Tips

When posting an ad we will like to recommend you consider the below:

Advertise why your property / driving route is worth investing in

A Business will be mostly interested to hear about the exposure of your location, route or routine. Advise them of the days and hours you drive and provide other relevant information. As an example: If you drive on busy roads we suggest you mention that, if when you park your car it is still able to offer some exposure we suggest you also mention that.

Trust levels

Businesses will be more willing to deal with you if are able to provide a level of trust or proof of your route.  A suggestion could be that when you post your Ad you advise them of a process you are willing to complete to prove that you are on your routes. An example could be being able to send them a text message with an image proving your location.

Be Specific with your offering

There are many offerings you can provide such as, Outdoor Signs, Door Stickers, One Way Vision, Rear Window Stickers and more.

It’s best to be clear about your offer.  A couple examples of offerings could be:

– I will place your business details on a 600mm x 300mm corflute sheet for $20 a week outside my home, You will need to provide the sign and artwork

– I will place Vinyl white lettering on my rear window with your company website for $10 a week, I will provide the stickers.

Use of Description

Your ad description is there for you to describe your service and specifics of the ad.

The contents in the description is searchable, we suggest you keep this in mind when describing your service. Try to look at it from the perspective of of a searcher and think of words you think will help interest a potential client.

Consider if the same person was debating between the below 2 Ads:

Ad 1: I drive at my local raceway, it’s no Eastern Creek but it still helps gets a gathering of at least 1000 people each Sunday.


Ad 2: I drive at my local raceway, the event is called BurntTyres it gets a gathering of at least 1000 people each Sunday.

There could be a local business looking to advertise on a race car at BurntTyres and if you had gone with Ad 1 you could have missed a chance with a very interested business simply by not typing in the name of the event.

Use of Tags

In the Ad form, there is an input box which allows you to add tags, the words that you type in here will be searchable via the search form and as well as clickable in all Ads.

When a user clicks on a tag the page will then display all other Ads with the same Tag.

As an example there could be a potential business looking to advertise on a race car and they could have clicked on the “race car” tag from another Ad. If you have a race car and don’t have “race car” as a tag you could miss out on a potential client.

We suggest before any deal that both the advertiser and business is clear on the terms, as we are a linking service we don’t get involved with any disputes.

Give your Ad better exposure

GET FEATURED: When posting your Ad you have the option to have it Featured for $10, this means your Ad will be listed in the Home Page Slider for 31 days

BUMP YOUR AD: For a cost you are able to have your Ads bumped to the top of the search results. You can bump your Ad once an hour. Price per bump depends on the bump package selected.

PURCHASE A YOURADHERE EXPOSURE SIGN: These are great to advertise your vehicle or property for advertising. With these signs we can include an ID which potential sponsors can search for which allows them to get in contact with you and find out information about your service and route. Click Here to purchase a YourAdHere Sign